and the entire American Voter Guide program is successful thanks to all of the partners who distribute guides in the field, create and share digital versions of local guides, and provide policy questions for candidates. Thank you to all of our incredible partners.


The American Voter Guide program is successful thanks to all of the partners who distribute guides to voters in communities all over the country. These guides are created to present candidates and the issues in a simple format and increase voter turnout. Join dozens of organizations in informing young voters all across the country. Become a partner today!

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  • Embed and Share Digital Content Put your digital voter guide on your website and promote it on social media
  • Check out our Partner Toolkit available here with tips on creating content, design, distribution, and more
  • How to Use the Voter Guide Generator Using the Voter Guide Generator is the most efficient and cheapest way to develop both digital and print guides. We have put together a step by step document that will walk you through how to create your guide using the Voter Guide Generator


2017 Deadlines

Primary Elections

  • Deadline for Partner Sign Up: 6 weeks prior to desired date for voter guide distribution (we suggest distribution beginning at least one month prior to your target election date)
  • Deadline Content Completion: 4 weeks prior to voter guide distribution to begin

General Election Dates (November 7, 2017)

  • Deadline for Partner Sign Up: August 22, 2017
  • Deadline for Content Completion: September 5, 2017


Field partners will be asked to cover the cost of printing and shipping of the voter guide. Cost for voter guides will vary depending on region, guide type, and type of distribution method. For specific pricing contact us at [email protected]

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Voting is quick and easy in America, but every state runs their elections a little differently. Select your state to find out what you need to do to cast your ballot and vote your values this election.

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